Online Program FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Online Program

Q: What grade levels does the Online program cover?

A: The Online program covers Gr. 5-12


Q: What is the registration fee to enroll in the Online program?

A: There is no cost to register in the Online program for Alberta residents. The only costs you may incur are shipping (if we mail books) or consumable workbook fees, depending on the course.

For non-Alberta residents, tuition will be charged (please email for more info)


Q: Is the Online program a teacher-directed program?

A: Yes, the Online program follows the Alberta Education outcomes and is teacher-taught and teacher-led.


Q: Do students enrolled in the Online program have to follow the Alberta Education outcomes?

A: Yes, students in the Online program follow the Alberta Education outcomes.


Q: Is there flexibility in what resources I choose in the Online program?

A: No, the Online program comes with a set of curriculum that is used for each course. There is no flexibility in curriculum in the Online program.


Q: How many hours per day is my child going to spend on their schooling?

A: It depends on the child, but on average, most students require about 5 to 7 hours per day (25-35 hours per week) for 36 weeks a year to complete the Online program. Parents need to ensure that students enrolled in our program have a relatively quiet place to work for this amount of time under their supervision.


Q: Do I have to be involved as a parent?

A: Yes, as a parent, you are involved in your child’s education, even though it is taught by a teacher. Your role is to ensure your student is doing their school work, submitting their assignments, contacting their teacher when they need assistance, and supervising their exams.


Q: Are report cards issued in the Online program?

A: Yes, report cards are issued for every term, and at the end of the year, in the Online program.


Q: Are teachers online every day, Monday - Friday?

A: Yes, full-time teachers are online Monday - Friday, typically during regular school hours (9 am - 3 pm). Hours may sometimes vary.


Q: Do I need to have a good Internet connection to be in the online program?

A: Yes, a steady Internet connection is important in the Online program.


Q: I don’t want any deadlines with homeschooling. Is this a good program for that?

A: If you want a more flexible program, we recommend you register in our Home Ed program.


Q: Do you offer Activity Days?

A: Yes! We offer a wide range of activity days for our families. That list is available upon registration and includes activities all across the province. Events may look a little different this year, due to Covid.


Q: Do you offer funding within the Online program?

A: NorthStar Academy will provide you with the resources needed for the online courses you register for. There is no additional funding.


Q: Can I take a look at a sample of your Online program?

A: Yes, you can! Email to be added as a guest to a course.


Q: Where can I register for the Online program? A: Click here to register for the Online program.