Print Based Resource

Print Based Resource Programming meets your goals and fits your lifestyle

God has given each child unique gifts and abilities. By utilizing a combination of resources and the leading of great teachers, NorthStar's Print Based Resource Program is tailored to meet each student's individual interests, abilities and needs.

 Print Base Resource Learning allows your child to: 

  • work with familiar materials selected from an NSA approved list of print resources that meet Alberta  Education's learning outcomes
  • have a flexible schedule
  • work on school work within your home
  • receive a great education in a Christian context

Although Alberta Education has specific Learner Outcomes for each subject and grade level, they can be met using a variety of resources and methods.  Our teachers will select the resources that match your student's learning needs from among the extensive list of instructional materials that NorthStar teachers have reviewed and approved.  Our print based resource program is designed for students and parents who desire regular support and direction from an NSA teacher, and want their child to work from home.

NorthStar Academy  is a Canadian Evangelical Christian community of learners working and studying in an online context. We use the internet to offer high-quality education from an Evangelical Christian perspective. Our students are learners who may be studying at home, overseas or within Canada, or at a Christian school anywhere in the world.

At NorthStar Academy  we have a passion to see all children and youth develop a Biblical worldview and to become skilled servants of Jesus Christ. We are particularly concerned that they develop a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that they make Him the Lord of all their life and learning, and that they develop the skills to be able to maximize their impact for Jesus Christ in this world.

NorthStar Academy uses the internet to link local students with other students worldwide and with Alberta certified teachers who provide the students' instruction and marking. As a result, students receive full Alberta credit for their courses and can receive an Alberta High School Diploma after completing Grade 12 and meeting Alberta Education requirements.

As well as our students and teachers, supervisors (usually parents) are very important members of our learning community. They represent a key element to the success of the NorthStar Academy  program. Online education opens up a much greater opportunity (and responsibility) for parents to partner with teachers in the Christian education of their children. Students perform best when supervisors are present throughout the school day. Please click the button below to read the frequently asked questions and the registration form for this program.

Print Based Resource Program FAQ
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Learning Environment

Students require an environment free from distraction during a structured workday of about 5 to 7 hours. The computer workstation should be centrally located so that the supervisor can readily monitor the student's online and computer time.

NorthStar Academy is intentionally structured to partner with parents, rather than replace them. Parents provide the home learning environment while NorthStar Academy provides the instruction, marking and accreditation. NorthStar Academy's program is “asynchronous” rather than “real time” which allows parents flexibility in structuring the school day around:

  1. Travel
  2. Part-time student jobs
  3. Student responsibilities in a family business or farm
  4. Medical treatments
  5. Sports and music
  6. Competition schedules
  7. Courses are designed to work on five-year-old computer equipment and software

There is a direct relationship between time on task and student learning. Parents and students need to realize that a quality education will require a full school day and a full school year.

Most students require about 5 to 7 hours per day (25-35 hours per week) for 36 weeks a year to complete the NorthStar Academy program. Parents need to ensure that students enrolled in our program have a relatively quiet place to work for this amount of time under their supervision.

Technical Requirements

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Benefits of registering with NorthStar Academy:

  • Caring teachers who will assist you in making sure your child is getting the best education
  • NSA will work with you to ensure students have the resources they need
  • Free Field trips
  • Learning Clusters - a great way to meet new friends and try new things
  • Four exciting choices to help support Christian home learning
  • Supportive and dynamic online community
  • Availability of online lessons and resources

Required Documentation to Register:

  • A copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Registration Form
  • We must receive your registration before the end of September to qualify for funding.

Learning  Resources

We will work with families to ensure students have the resources they need to meet the Alberta Education outcomes.

Moodle Home Rooms

Each week the student must log in to our Learning Management System called Moodle to submit work and show attendance.  There are also instruction and support materials in Moodle that will assist your child as they study with NorthStar, at home.