Print Based Resource FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Print Based Resource (PBR) Program

Q: What grade levels does the Print Based Resource (PBR) program cover?

A: The PBR program covers Gr. 1-12


Q: What is the registration fee to enroll in the PBR program?

A: There is no cost to register in the PBR program for Alberta residents.


Q: Is the PBR program a teacher-directed program?

A: Yes, the PBR program follows the Alberta Education outcomes and is teacher-taught and teacher-led.


Q: Do students enrolled in the PBR program have to follow the Alberta Education outcomes?

A: Yes, students in the PBR program follow the Alberta Education outcomes.


Q: Is there flexibility in what resources I choose in the PBR program?

A: There are some options to choose from for resources in the PBR program. However, students must use a resource that is on our recommended resource list (included upon registration).


Q: Do you provide a list of recommended resources?

A: Yes, a list of recommended resources are provided upon registration.


Q: Am I assigned a support teacher?

A: Absolutely! Your student will be provided with a support teacher that will assist you in choosing resources and direct the learning of your child. They will be the ones your students will be connected with to send all required assignments and assessments throughout the year. Your teacher is also available for additional support whenever you need it throughout the year via email, phone, and Zoom.


Q: Are report cards issued in the PBR program?

A: Yes, report cards are issued for every term, and at the end of the year, in the PBR program.


Q: I’m afraid to register in a fully teacher-directed program. What should I do?

A: If you aren’t sure a fully teacher-directed program is for you, we recommend you check out our Shared Responsibility program here.


Q: Does my student have to be on a computer in the PBR program?

A: There are certain portions of our program that require a computer. We use an online learning platform called Moodle that lists all requirements for the course, and it is also the way that teachers communicate with students and accept assignments. Your curriculum will mostly be paper-based in this program.

Q: I don’t want any deadlines with homeschooling. Is this a good program for that?

A: If you want a more flexible program, we recommend you register in our Home Ed program.


Q: Do you offer Activity Days?

A: Yes! We offer a wide range of activity days for our families. That list is available upon registration and includes activities all across the province. Events may look a little different this year, due to Covid.


Q: Do you offer funding within the PBR program?

A: NorthStar Academy will purchase the curriculum you choose from our list of recommended resources. For more funding inquiries, and what you can purchased by our office, please email


Q: How soon can I start purchasing material?

A: You do not purchase material in the PBR program. All purchasing must be ordered by our office and we can begin the ordering process as soon as you register. We will not reimburse for any curriculum purchased in the PBR program.


Q: Can I take a look at a sample of your PBR program?

A: Yes, you can! Email to be added as a guest to a PBR course.


Q: Where can I register for the PBR program?

A: Click here to register for the PBR program.