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NorthStar Academy is an alternate status, Grade 1 to 12 school within the Golden Hills School Division. With our mission to provide exemplary Christian education for students at home and abroad, NorthStar Academy partners with parents to offer students a quality educational program within a rich and supportive community that honours Christ as Lord. Established in 2001, NorthStar Academy has a history of excellent Evangelical Christian education. Currently home to 1400 students, NorthStar Academy offers a dynamic learning environment with multiple program option. This allows students and their families to choose a program specifically designed to meet their individual educational goals. Our Biblically integrated online, and print-based programs are teacher-directed and written to meet the Alberta Learning outcomes. While our home education and shared-responsibility programs provides parents greater opportunities to support their student’s unique learning needs.

Christ-Centered ~ Learner Focused ~ Flexible ~ Community

School Notice

Registration Opens on March 6

Registration for the 2023-2024 school year opens on March 6.