Shared Responsibility

Shared Responsibility

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Shared Responsibility FAQs

God has created all of our children uniquely with their own learning style.  NorthStar Academy is here to encourage and support families who choose to provide a unique program for their children. A shared responsibility (blended) program allows families freedom to design their own educational plan. Our staff is here to support and help parents in customizing their program to meet their children’s specific needs. If families want to talk, or are looking for teaching resources, NorthStar’s staff,  resources and services are available to help your student succeed.

Shared Responsibility Learning allows your child to:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • choose up to four core academic subjects that are teacher-directed (online or print based)
  • remain at grade level in the core subjects while giving you maximum flexibility in all your option courses
  • minimum requirement is 20% Teacher Directed 
  • have a flexible schedule
  • work on school work within your home
  • receive a great education in a Christian context

Shared Responsibility program students from Grades 1 - 9  will be able to take up to four core academic teacher-directed course whether it be Print based or Online.  For example. a student would be able to do Mathematics & Language Arts as online or print-based with the remainder of their program being parent-directed.  Reimbursements to parents for qualifying home education expenses will be available and NorthStar will provide the print-based resources for the teacher-directed course selected.