Frequently asked questions about the Home Education Program

Q: What grade levels does the Home Education program cover?

A: The Home Education program covers Gr. K-12


Q: What is the registration fee to enroll in the Home Education program?

A: There is no cost to register in the Home Education program for Alberta residents.


Q: Do students enrolled in the Home Education program have to follow the Alberta Education outcomes?

A: Students in the Home Ed program do not have to follow the Alberta Education outcomes, but they are more than welcome to.


Q: Do you provide a list of recommended resources?

A: We can provide you with a list of recommended resources upon request. Students in the Home Education program are not required to use those resources, but they are welcome to.


Q: Am I assigned a homeschool facilitator?

A: Yes, a homeschool facilitator will be assigned to your student. After your registration is accepted, you will be connected with your facilitator who will meet with you in the fall and in the spring. Your facilitator is also available to assist throughout the year via email, phone, or Google Meets.


Q: Can someone assist me in choosing resources?

A: Yes, your homeschool facilitator will assist you in choosing resources, if you would like that assistance.


Q: Do I get support creating my home education plan?

A: Yes. Although we encourage you to design your own individualized learning plan, if you are struggling to complete your home ed plan, your facilitator would be more than happy to assist you. Please request support upon registration.


Q: Are report cards issued in the Home Education program?

A: No, report cards are not issued in the Home Ed program. Parents will, however, receive 2 Evaluation Reports from their facilitator - one after each visit.


Q: Do you offer Activity Days?

A: Yes! We offer a wide range of activity days for our families. That list is available upon registration and includes activities all across the province. 


Q: Do you offer funding within the Home Education program?

A: Yes, there is $901 available in funding in the Home Education program for grades 1-12, and $450.50 for kindergarten. You may purchase your resources and submit your original receipts to our office for reimbursement. For more funding inquiries, and what you can purchase with your funding, please email


Q: How soon can I start purchasing materials?

A: We understand that many families like to take advantage of late winter/early spring sales which are held before registration even opens. You can start purchasing resources at any time. Once your complete registration has been accepted, you will be able to inquire about using a Purchase Order (PO) number OR you can submit your original receipts for reimbursement starting in October.