Print Based Resource FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Print Based Resource (PBR) Program

Q: What grade levels does the Print-Based Resource (PBR) program cover?

A: Our PBR program covers Gr. 1-9.


Q: What is the registration fee to enrol in the PBR program?

A: There is no cost to register in our PBR program for Alberta residents. The only costs you may incur are shipping (if we mail books) or consumable workbook fees (depending on the course).  

For non-Alberta residents, tuition will be charged (please email for more info).


Q: Is the PBR program a teacher-directed program?

A: Yes, our PBR program is teacher-directed.  Teachers are responsible for the planning, instruction and assessment of a student’s learning.  


Q: Do students enrolled in the PBR program have to follow the Alberta Education outcomes?

A: Yes, students in our PBR program follow the Alberta Education outcomes.


Q: Is there flexibility in what resources I choose in the PBR program?

A: Yes, there are some resource options to choose from in our PBR program.  However, students must choose a resource from our list of recommended resource. This list is provided upon registration.


Q: How many hours per day is my child going to spend on their schooling?

A: Most students require about 5 to 7 hours per day (25–35 hours per week) for 36 weeks a year to complete our PBR program. 


Q: Do students in the PBR program get assigned a support teacher?

A: All courses in our PBR program are teacher-directed.  As such, students taking a PBR course will have a teacher who is responsible for the planning, instruction and assessment of their learning. 


Q: Do I have to be involved as a parent?

A: Yes, our PBR program opens up a much greater opportunity (and responsibility) for parents to partner with teachers in the education of their children. Students perform best when a parent or supervisor is present throughout the school day and using regular check-ins and ongoing communication to keep their student accountable to their schedule and goals.  


Q: Are report cards issued in the PBR program?

A: Yes, in our PBR program, report cards are issued for every term and at the end of the year.


Q: Does my student have to be on a computer in the PBR program?

A: There are certain portions of our PBR program that require a computer.  We use an online learning platform called Moodle to supplement and manage the assignment submissions for feedback and evaluation.  


Q: Do you offer Activity Days?

A: Yes! We offer a wide range of activity days for our students.


Q: Do you offer funding within the PBR program?

A: Northstar Academy provides students in our PBR program with the resources they choose from their courses’ recommended resources list. There is no additional funding.