Creative Writing


Summary of Course Content and Activities


The course has eighteen lessons. Students have the opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone by engaging in different styles of writing. They will be developing creative, descriptive and narrative writing skills. 
Week One: Character
Week Two: Setting 
Week Three: Plot 
Week Four: Dialogue 
Week Five & Six: Short Story 
Week Seven: Advertising 
Week Eight: Descriptive Writing 
Week Nine: Catch Up 
Week Ten: Opinion Writing 
Week Eleven and Twelve: Poetry 
Week Thirteen: Point of View 
Week Fourteen: Character Voice 
Week Fifteen and Sixteen: Plays 
Week Seventeen: Parodies 
Week Eighteen: Final Project 

Philosophy statement for teaching this course

God, whose creative hand is evident in all languages, has given us the gift of expressing ourselves creatively with written language. One of the ways He has chosen to communicate with us is through the written language of the Bible. He has given us the ability to use and express ourselves with words in the image of God. He has given us the gift of language so that we might reflect His image and share Him with others as He has shared Himself with us.



Materials and Resources

  • Recommended but not required: dictionary, thesaurus

Forecasted amount of time required to complete each week's lesson

The class has eighteen lessons. That means students will be submitting one lesson per week if completing the class in one semester. If registered for the full-year option, they will have a submission due every two weeks. 

Description of student evaluations, quizzes and tests.

  • Weekly assignments (equal weightings), and final Project.