Credits: 3

Summary of Course Content and Activities

The objectives of Philosophies of Man 30 are:  to develop the process of critical examination, to integrate or orient oneself toward the various phases of human experience,  to open up the wide range of problems and deal with vital questions of human interest,   to appreciate the attempts of great philosophers to provide coherent and consistent answers to fundamental questions, to think about the basic foundations of one’s outlook, knowledge and beliefs.  These objectives will be met through the study of Christianity, Marxism, Islam, Secularism, New Spirituality and Postmodernism.  Each of these philosophies are examined in detail in regards to their perspectives on Ethics, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Politics, Biology, Economics and History. 


None. However, Contemporary Western Philosophy 20 is recommended before taking Philosophies of Man 30.

Materials and Resources

  • Understanding the Times textbook and Student Manual ( 2nd half), videos- links provided and online lessons

Forecasted amount of time required to complete each week's lesson

3-4 hours per week

Description of student evaluations, quizzes and tests.

Assignments, Quizzes and Tests for each of the 8 chapters