Hunters Education




In this class, a certificated AHEIA instructor will guide you through the AHEIA  Hunters Education program.  Students who earn 80% or above on the exam will be certificated to hunt in Alberta.  It sounds like a high grade but together we can do it! 

This course is typically a $90 course at other institutions, but at NSA, we offer the course for free with the exception of $35 in consumable resources.  This course is for Gr. 10-12 students only.



Materials and Resources

  • AHEIA's Hunter Education Manual

Forecasted amount of time required to complete each week's lesson

4 hours per week

Description of student evaluations, quizzes, and tests:

  • Assignments: 50%
  • Tests: 30%
  • Group Discussion: 20%

School Notice

High School Enrollment/Withdrawal Deadline

- High School non primary registration closes Feb 29, 2024
- High School course withdrawal deadline is Feb 29, 2024.
After that date, there is a $200/course withdrawal fee